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Auctioneers, collectors, dealers, and gallerists deserve to know, prior to acquisition, that a high value artwork is genuine and the provenance has been verified. The impact of acquiring a fake, forged, or stolen artwork can have dire financial, legal, and reputational consequences.

As professional investigators and fine art enthusiasts, we understand that most art professionals are not skilled in fraud detection or trained to validate provenance documents. Auction houses and private museums conduct internal research but are not licensed to conduct background investigations or access governmental databases. specializes in conducting confidential due-diligence using our years of experience combined with our knowledge of fine art.

In instances where an artwork lacks clear ownership history or a Certificate of Authenticity, we conduct deep-dive research, interview artists or family foundations, search archival and museum records, and consult with art experts.

Once our investigation is thoroughly complete, issues a formal written report detailing all known facts, results of our investigation, and provenance validation. Our reports are accurate, concise, and timely. Reports are designed to supplement Certificates of Authenticity for appraisal, insurance or valuation purposes. reports are prepared for auctioneers, claims insurers, collectors, dealers & gallerists, institutions, and law firms. Reports range from a Summary of Findings, typically ordered by auctioneers, dealers, and gallerists, to Executive Dossiers. Our Executive Dossiers are for celebrity, high net worth, and museum clients.

Art Theft | Art Forgeries specializes in all types of art & antiquities investigations, ranging from artwork theft & recovery to arranging the safe return of lost or stolen art. We cannot interfere with active law enforcement investigations but can assist in cold cases or investigate insurance claims or losses. can assist individuals who have acquired or received lost, missing or stolen art from a deceased family members’ estate. It is not unusual for family members to discover their deceased relatives came into possession of rare artwork or antiquities that have been missing for 30 years or more. In these cases, we confidentially arrange the safe return of artwork and family members may be entitled to monetary rewards. If requested, we can pick up artwork with no questions asked, or we can process tips on the whereabouts of missing, lost, or stolen art.


FIS investigations are conducted in a professional manner with the highest level of honesty and integrity. All work is conducted in the strictest confidence to protect client privacy. FIS complies with all state and federal privacy laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). CA Private Investigative Agency, License PI188926.

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